2.4Ghz Wireless Network


Neuralink Wireless Network is a collection of people interested in participating in a non-profit, wireless, metropolitan-area network over Metro Manila, Philippines.

We use only approved wireless cards and tested antenna designs. There ARE limits to which you can transmit, power wise, but it is pretty hard to go over them with standard cards.

Please take note, this is not wireless Internet. If we were to supply wireless Internet, we would have to become a carrier and get a carrier license and have all the responsibilities that go with that. It cost too much to go to that level. All we are on about it establishing a wireless network, for gaming, file sharing and communications, while by-passing the local carriers for our local data. You still will need an Internet connection to access the Internet at large, this network is purely internal.

Currently there are hundreds of wireless communities around the globe but from what i learned la pa masyado  in the Philippines.  Hope our government wouldn't be overly strict to the supposedly license-free wireless data network frequencies here in the Philippines especially 2.4Ghz. Licensing only outdoor equipments exceeding EIRP standards. (50dbm EIRP in FCC rules)

It's really easy and inexpensive to setup a wireless community here in the Philippines using equiptments that could easily be bought over the counter of most computer stores. A Linksys WAP54G wlan router (P9,500)and a Pringles Can Antenna (P85.00) and some cables would make possible wireless links that could go over a kilometer.   Even links over 80km are possible using an amplifier and a 24db antenna.  

License-free Wireless Data Network communities are inevitable. It is the future. Imagine a matrix of wifi nodes accross the country. When organized properly with IP designation for each recorded node a network similar to cell phone networks would be made. Other countries are successfully creating a free wireless  internet network right now. ex http://www.nycwireless.net/




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Photo Gallery

Building Riser Diagram

3D Walkthrough



  1. Transceiver Setup

  2. Wifi Computations

  3. Home-Made Power-Over-Ethernet

  4. Home-Made Access Point - Enclosure

  5. Field Strength Meters: 1, 2

  6. Home-Made Tower Construction

  7. VoIP

  8. NTC Licencing


  1. NetStumbler

  2. Neo FIRMWARE 1.0 voor WAP54G 

     u/p: wlnl/download

Other Links:

  1. Pringles Can Antenna Design

  2. Omni Directional Antenna Design

  3. http://wireless-warrior.org

  4. http://personaltelco.net

  5. http://www.dost.gov.ph/

  6. http://www.mmeirs.org   -   a good source for topographic maps of the Metro Manila



The project started November 22, 2003.


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